heels on fire: 03/15/06

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hi guys and gals,

While we light the fuse on Pete's heels to send him whirring through God's Own Brewery - Kerala, the seats on the sides are filling up...
And we will have Dez speeding behind and in front of him, capturing life along the meandering way and Pete panting along. Since Dez isn't much of a runner and at risk from the winds along the coast, we will pitch in to get him lead roller blades.

The roads are gleaming, the potholes are covered, the toddy is brewed, the garlands are ready, the damsels are swooning...let's set Pete on his way!

And all our ideas could do a bit to egg him on (along with the stray dogs on the roadside)

So keep posting!


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