heels on fire: 04/15/06

Saturday, April 15, 2006

heels on fire

The Dusty Path to the Comrades Ultra-Marathon

Hello South Africa!

A warm welcome the listeners in South Africa.

Whats this all about and why?

I am going to run 600kms in India through the month of May 2006. Its a endurance run that has developed to world wide proportions, with networks of people from Papua New Guinea to Mauritania and Barbados getting involved. Its also going to take me through to the start line of Comrades.

I used to live in Pretoria where I was a member of the Phobians Running Club. South Africa is where I first came to learn about, and experience the joys of distance running. Three years, twenty marathons and 6 ultras later, I find myself shaping my year around making it back to the Comrades.

Running in the intense heat of Southern India will provide a seriously challenging month of intensive back to back running (15 - 35 kms a day) that will hopefully catapult me through to the completion of my third Comrades.

My tickets are booked to be in Durban as the cockeral crows at 5am on June 16th 2006.

First and foremost, my sights are set on surviving 30 days of running. A feat never before attempted in this part of India. You can join me each day, as between myself and two friends (a writer and a photographer) we will chronicle and share the stories and images of the run.

Whatever happens, its going to be a great adventure. Hopefully you will join me in spirit, and on the website.

The 'heels on fire' website will be up and running next week. The address is as follows:

See you there.


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