heels on fire: 04/30/06

Sunday, April 30, 2006


As I write, the team of Pete, Desmond, Rahul, Sudeep and Stevie are slowly winding their way up from Kochi to Kasargod - the starting line. That's a distance of over 350 kms, which on Kerala's winding, uphill, downhill roads will take around 7 hours. The home stretch of a journey that began over a month ago...
A journey that has along the way brought in tens of backers, hundreds of friends and thousands of ideas. An explosive build up with people in UK, India, South Africa and elsewhere putting in an extra few hours into their routine to make this seemingly mad plan delightfully possible (and still mildly insane). Just yesterday, Microsoft India chipped in with full financial backing for Desmond's photographs and film. With no strings, expiry clauses, licences or endorsement commitments. To join the ranks of Reebok India, Vitabiotics UK, Interpid Travel UK, Pepsi India,India Tourism and Kerala Tourism. And all you lovely people who have chipped in with energy, goodwill enthusiasm and sane advice.
The adventure is about to begin and the lads have are all hyped, nervous and eagar to start. I spoke to them a few minutes back and each one of them raring to go and ready to script his part. Now all they need is a bit of rest, luck and good food.
Good luck Pete, Desmond, Rahul, Sudeep and Stevie! May the force be with you! Hum Honge Kaamyab (We shall overcome) Or like they say in Kerala 'Adi! Adi!' (have a drink...and another).

We are all CLAPPING.

(Photo source: Meena; 'Doctor': Desmond)

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