heels on fire: 05/01/06

Monday, May 01, 2006

Not just wind in the hair...

It all began far more auspiciously than one could hope for. Shortly after a sumptuous lunch and restful siesta, as Pete stretched his legs and flexed his muscles to begin his run, a crow flew over and found Rahul's head with great precision. Clearly, Rahul and his mates were not the only ones who had a sumptuous lunch. Such an aerial sortie could provoke the ever cynical Keralite to observe, "Even the crow knows where the loo is." Fortunately, the North Indians in the crew saw this intemperance of the avian sphincter as an expression of great luck for the days ahead!
And off Pete set, gently and nimbly southwards through Kasargod's scenic surroundings, watched on by curious villagers stirring from their afternoon naps. Along the route from Nileswaram to Payyannur, curiosity gave way to amusement, and amusement to enthusiasm, as kids joined Pete on several stretches of his 14 km run that marked the opening day. Pedestrians clapped and gave the team toothy smiles as they moved past speeding buses, weaving bikes and bemused cows. The hurtling Irishman and his crew stopped life for a few minutes amidst all the buzz of elections and Labour day celebrations. By Pete's standards it was a short run, but he kept his date with the run on the 1st of May. However, after a 10 hour car ride that got them into Kasargod only this morning, it was sane to stick to mild exertion on the first day.

The distance ahead looms large, but it should not be a bother if Rahul continues to pluck luck out of the sky. More updates to follow...

(Images and detailed write-ups from the team will be uploaded as soon as we receive them - We understand that Desmond had a good day of shooting too.)

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