heels on fire: 03/16/06

Thursday, March 16, 2006

heels on fire
The other day, I was telling Camilla how much I love these kind of challenges, where all I have to do is blog and then sit beside her and take credit for Pete leading a pack of dogs to the South of India. We need more of this?

We could perhaps convince Meena in West Africa to run through the desert espousing a life beyond the menu for animals in that part of the world?

And Lindsey to run across one of those Caribbean Islands to save vulnerable small islands from development consultants?

I was wondering whether Meena would have more contacts than us with the NGO thicket in Kerala, considering that she actually worked there on post -tsunami rehab work?

We need to sound a few of the media types to see whether such an idea can be sold? I have sent the link to Venky - let's wait for his helping of wisdom.

And lets hope this will in some way contribute a tiny bit to encouraging running in Kerala/India of the variety different from running after buses and running away from the cops after buying illicit hooch.

I would love to run too.
But then someone needs to make the sacrifice and stay back to look after Camilla.


heels on fire

Folks, for a number of you looking at this blog you will have no idea what the hell is going on. That ok, neither do I!

Read on...

In May we (like minds) are kicking off a challenge whereby I am going to run (very slowly) the length of the south indian state of Kerala... All thoughts and ideas on making this work as smoothly as possible are appreciated...At this point we are looking for possible ideas on sponsors and media.. exploration first aid and medicines.. solid local contacts and also if you can think of any key issues - best and worst practices in carrying out this sort of challenge.

Also please feel free to post questions and queries....


Peter underestimates the sheer endurance that my bar - Camilla demands of me. Like other Camillas we know, this one is bit of a horse too and gallops me down the road to inebriation faster than anyone can say Coconut toddy. But, we know Pete is less of 'runner with drinking problems' and more of a 'drinker with running problems', but hey - how many of us ever have the guts to plan and attempt such a run?

25 kilometres a day is going to be a tough ask and I still think you need to plan a few more breaks in between. you might have to run early in the morning as well to beat the killing heat, although this might pose problems in terms of logistics and publicity. Plus you are likely to encounter the morning hordes of Kerala men weaving back from toddy shops after their morning 'cuppa' of toddy and 'kappa'.
We need to build up the momentum for this fast too - let me twist the arms of a couple of Kerala NGOs. We could enlist your cousin Thomas to lecture them on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is possible that my Kerala Comrades might mistake it for a new legal provision that allows one trade union per employee in private companies.

Fire away guys! Use this blog to record new ideas, advice, doubts contacts, addresses of toddy shops etc. All emails intended for our in boxes can instead appear here - it doesn't require that much of an extra effort. Not quite as much as Pete will require for his run.


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