heels on fire: 03/18/06

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ardent fans wait patiently for hours in the Kerala tropical sun for their beloved hero, Pete to appear on the horizon...

The air is filled with with chants of
P-E-T-E-R...Marry M-E!



RK Bureau

heels on fire

Hi Folks - A few questions :

- Seriously, how hot will it be in May?
- Is the water potable?
- Do we know any local bottle water companies?
- Does anyone have any spare mobile phones?
- Roughly how much will it cost to hire a car and driver for a month in Kerala?
- Has anyone got a detailed district level map of Kerala - we need to chart the route via B roads.
- Does anyone know anyone who has carried out distance running in Africa/ Asia?
- Does anyone know any good projects/ NGO's working in Kerala?

Also please do feel free to make comments. Any suggestions or ideas around the run will be seriously appreciated...

heels on fire

Is it true that in order to travel through Kerala I have to grow a freddie mercury moustache, wear a mundu (skirt) and smoke bidi's?

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