heels on fire: 04/07/06

Friday, April 07, 2006

heels on fire

Heads Down Running, Major Sponsorship, and Media In-Roads

Well folks, another remarkable week. Fingers crossed for the flight sponsorship being sealed (thanks Tourism India), the costs of internal travel and photography equipment (hopefully the Kerala Tourism board come through for us), and for the discovery channel and, or NDTV documentary. Men's health are keen on me writing for their, 'Things to do before you die' section. I am basically keen not to die!

The documentary idea sounds like alot of fun. It means other people have to suffer in the heat alongside me! My brother reckons it might kick start a bollywood career. Clearly he has not seen me act or heard me sing!

Finally, today (Friday) it was confirmed I am going live on the number 1 sports radio station in South Africa on April 15th in the afternoon. They love the runnng idea and are keen to hear more about the adventure.

Thanks to all for your support. Next week I am off to N. Africa for work. The plan is to get some serious running in the early am's and late pm's. Quite excited to train for a run in South North Africa.

Heads down and get serious.


PS. Any media/ PR ideas and /or contacts will be truely appreciated.

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