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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hi guys and gals,

While we light the fuse on Pete's heels to send him whirring through God's Own Brewery - Kerala, the seats on the sides are filling up...
And we will have Dez speeding behind and in front of him, capturing life along the meandering way and Pete panting along. Since Dez isn't much of a runner and at risk from the winds along the coast, we will pitch in to get him lead roller blades.

The roads are gleaming, the potholes are covered, the toddy is brewed, the garlands are ready, the damsels are swooning...let's set Pete on his way!

And all our ideas could do a bit to egg him on (along with the stray dogs on the roadside)

So keep posting!



At Thu Mar 16, 10:19:00 AM 2006, Blogger runindia said...

Kerala Rocks
Especially in May.

Pretty much every waking moment since Saturday morning has been spent thinking (and worrying) about what we are getting into. Its totally crazy, but I grow in confidence with each interaction. The thoughts, idea’s and discussions are as Robin says worthy of a blog in itself. I am impressed. Whilst the next month for me is going to be a whirlwind I know I will be in safe hands with you around me.

Right so, the running side of things. Thinking out loud I am thinking it’s about 650kms. Broken down over the course of the month I am basically looking to be on my feet for 26 of the 30 days. Each day on average I need to cover 25kms. A fair amount, especially as in runners terms its back – to back- to back running. It requires strength and an endurance ‘hunch down and dig deep’ style of slow running. It requires being acutely aware of your body, feelings and everything that’s going on internally. Acting quickly and being smart. I think this suits my way of running. I am a conservative slow runner at worst and a conservative slow runner at my best. No Olympic medals or will ever come my way, but, I am ok with that.

Genuinely I am enthused by the development aspect. It’s a major challenge. The way I see it we need to get as many people thinking and or chatting about what’s going on in Kerala. How on earth do we create development appeal to not just the recognised like minds who know what NGO stands for, but to the likes of my cousin Thomas who until last night never heard of the term NGO. The thing is, Thomas actually called me to talk about his companies social responsibility programme. Thomas is interested in development, but he hasn’t used the language that we us so freely. Thomas cares about people and for those less well off. Folks, the way I see it we need to somehow ensure that Thomas can engage with what’s happening here. We need to build excitement but not over-load. State the case and let people decide for themselves. If by the end of May through this project Thomas knows something about development I will be happy.

What else? I know we need to be extremely well organised. The website/ email communications on a frequent basis/ dealing with media/ organising clean water/ getting a massive email network mobilised etc etc. To be honest, I get a bit frightened about this. It’s almost a relief to be the one who is running! I am really hoping we can think through all the scenario’s (at least the ones we can shape and forsee).

Outside of that I am looking forward to the moment of realisation that I am there, in India, running on a dusty trail miles from home doing something mad, but that strangely at its core, its good. I look forward to finishing the first day, seeing Dez. No doubt I will try to turn him upside-down and he will play hard to get! I will be swearing at Robin who undoubtedly will be chuckling away to himself sat at his bar on Eleanor road. Then write up the days running commentary, press send. There will be a brief moment where I will quietly thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting us all to that point. Everything thereafter is a pure bonus.

Have fun.

At Thu Mar 16, 11:16:00 AM 2006, Blogger runindia said...

I have just received a serious list of sports/ media contacts from a PR friend... lots to get into.

Dez, welcome back..


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