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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Launch Party Update

26th April 2006
Well in case you've forgotton the face of the 'heels on fire frontrunner' already, here's a picture from the launch party that took place on the eve of the team's departure. Throughout the night, there was a lot of mingling between the many 'like minds' and the room was buzzing with interest and enthusiam (and yes that was before the sambucas were bought!). Congratulations to all who helped arrange the event and many thanks of course to those who came to show their support. The room was packed with friends and family of Pete and Rahul as well as many others from all the wider networks made, all there to hear about the big adventure. Though Dez couldn't be there, rest assured that he was impressively represented in spirit, with his photos projected as a slideshow forming the backdrop of the evening.
Most importantly, the night also provided the opportunity for Rahul and Pete's mums, 'the original intrepid travellers' to meet each other and compare stories of their own travel adventures in the sixties, when they both drove overland to India from Europe in their Morris Minors.

All round, a great kick off!



At Sat May 06, 11:53:00 AM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A great nite was held by all and two very proud Mums, the staff at Maxwell stamp are fantastic and deserve the best.Lynne is to be congratulated on having organised the event.


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