heels on fire: Coverage of the run in Indian Express

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Coverage of the run in Indian Express

3rd May 2006

Well, they might have got his job wrong, but here is a pretty decent coverage in the Indian Express (click on the image to enlarge). Indian Express is not one of the bigger newspapers in terms of circulation, but is one of the most respected dailies. More coverage is in the print (in the matrimonial section) and electronic media is anticipated over the coming days.



At Fri May 05, 12:59:00 PM 2006, Blogger mommybazz said...

Dudes, I have read about P.T Usha (and have seen pictures of her.., she is a babe!) and also about (that is right) her very own school of young atletics(Koyilandi, Kerala)!

'In the track P.T.Usha represented the spirit of a great nation. ... P.T. Usha changed the mindset of Indian athletes from “Can we do it?” to "We will do it!”. ...

P.T Usha simply rocks!

It's absolute brilliant and amazing news to read about 'The Sprint Queen' running alongside our 'poetic running man' soon to come.

I have no doubt in my mind left, if there ever were any, non whatsoever of why you would not actually pull off the HOF run (more so, at least) to Payyoli..

On the contrary, dudes I have no idea of what else amazing stuff is yet to come after then..

I'm 100% focussed.




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