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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Now that I am free of work and other ailments...
It does appear that our circle of support is expanding with new converts and networks emerging by the day. This is hugely reassuring as it blurs that niggling suspicion about Pete and the rest of us being slightly unhinged. Or maybe there are far more batty people around than we initially thought. Either way, it is good to see support from like-minded/mindless souls.

What would the average Keralite think of a foreigner running through the state? Maybe he is too bloody broke to even ride a bus? Maybe he is a foreign agent doing a rece? Or maybe he is nuts? Or could he be running for some social cause? Despite being habitual sceptics, I would think there is a lot of social consciousness around to identify with such a run.

We could test waters by checking out the reactions of some of the Kerala NGOs. I have written to a couple and I will keep you posted on their reactions. If the NGOs latch on, then it would be possible to do a bit more than running through a apathetic countryside? At the end of each day, Pete, Dez and associates could spend some time in the villages understanding people's lives, their issues and the proof of local arrack. Photo and writing opportunities would be plenty.


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