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Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday evening stock taking.

Even in a country like Ireland, it is not often that you come across someone willing to risk running over 650 kms through the tropical heat of Kerala, past lazing ducks, striking labourers, bathing elephants, idling pensioners and open hooch shops to Kanyakumari. And you are not even running to a pub.

Here we have Pete willing to return to run through Kerala (most outsiders usually away from after the first encounter with the friendly Malayalee wayside philosophers - ask Tipu Sultan) in May at a steady chug of at least 25-30kms a day?

I can't think of many parallels in adventure sport. I am reliably told that Paul B, one of our legendary friends, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, clad in thin muslin attire, rubber sandals and cotton socks; and had all his climbing gear in a polythene bag. Then he is a veteran of many conquests, though not often involving mountains, sandals and muslin. Rubber, maybe.

Mousa, an Ingushetian friend of mine, tells me about his uncle who polished off a bottle of fine Russian vodka in Russian winter and gathered Dutch courage to save some more money to buy another bottle of vodka by opting to ride for free on a well ventilated goods' train instead of a regular, warm passenger train. He lived to tell the tale, aided in no small measure, by the fine Russian vodka.

But tales of agony in the cold are not the best comparison for Pete's venture. Tulika might insist that test cricket in the sub-continent is a close parallel.

Still, we need better stories...over the weekend and over the weeks ahead.



At Sat Mar 18, 12:20:00 AM 2006, Anonymous village headman said...

My daugher can live single for ever, but my cows cant live for ever with a sore heart. Pete, they udderly love you!!!

At Sat Mar 18, 12:48:00 PM 2006, Anonymous moonshine said...

Receiving Positive Karma from randoms-

- Last night I met a spanish cycle rickshaw wallah (outside convent garden tube) called Aldo. Im now an expert on the in's and out's of the pedi-cab business in London. Anyways Aldo is off to India in November for four months. He wants to know where he can get some bhang, spiritual enlightenment and wife?

- This morning I got a taxi with the (apparently) world famous singer 'Davey Moonshine'. He used to sing with a group called the Honeycombs who had a 'number of hits' in the 60's. Davey told me that the lifestle became to much so he had a few years of rehab, followed by a few years of not being able to sit down (back troubles you see). Now Davey is doing the circuit singing in the pubs and clubs of London, Majorca and Costa Rica. Please feel free to contact davey at He wanted me to let you know he is singing in the Dog and Bone in Illford tonight. His business card says he sings songs from the '50's - 2000's - ballards, country, soul'. I am dying to hear what a ballard sounds like?

Davy loves the run india idea...and offered to record a CD of his favourite songs to sell to help pay for the trip.

With Davy Moonshine behind us what can go wrong?


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